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Commissions Options Asia-Pacific



Minimize Your Costs to Maximize Your Returns*. Low commissions with no added spreads, ticket charges, platform fees, or account minimums.

Australian flag


Index Options
Monthly Volume (Contracts)1,2 Tiered Fixed
≤ 1,000 AUD 1.50/contract AUD 2.00/contract
1,001 - 10,000 AUD 1.00/contract
10,001 - 20,000 AUD 0.70/contract
> 20,000 AUD 0.50/contract
Minimum Per Order AUD 1.50 AUD 2.00
Third Party Fees
  • Exchange Fees
  • Clearing Fees
Stock Options
Contract Type Fixed
Stock Options2 AUD 0.30/contract
Minimum Per Order AUD 1.00

1 ASX-listed Contract = AUD 2.00


1 Index Option = IBKR Execution Fee AUD 1.50 + Exchange Fee AUD 0.45 = AUD 1.95

Hong Kong flag

Hong Kong

Index Options
Contract Type Fixed
Index Options HKD 30.00/contract
HHI, HSTECH HKD 20.00/contract
MHI HKD 17.00/contract
Stock Options
Contract Type3 Fixed Minimum Per Order
SEHK Tier II Options4 HKD 0.2% of option value + Exchange Fee HKD 1.00/contract HKD 18.00/contract
SEHK Tier III Options4 HKD 0.2% of option value + Exchange Fee HKD 0.50/contract
All Other Stock Options HKD 0.2% of option value + Exchange Fee HKD 3.00/contract

1 Index Option = HKD 30.00

Indian flag


Contract Type Fixed
All Options5 INR 0.01% of Trade Value
Minimum Per Order6 INR 6.00
Japanese flag


Contract Type Fixed
N225 Options7 0.12% of Trade Value + External Fees
Minimum Per Order JPY 100.00
Contract Type Fixed
Stock Options (TSEJ)8 JPY 90.00/contract

1 Stock Option (TSEJ) Contract = JPY 90

Singaporean flag


Contract Type Fixed Exclusive of GST9
All SGD Options SGD 5.00/contract
Contract Type Fixed Exclusive of GST9
NIFTY Options USD 2.85/contract
Fixed Example Exclusive of GST9:

1 Option (NIFTY) Contract = USD 2.85

Fixed Example Inclusive of GST9:

1 Option (NIFTY) Contract = USD 5.13

South Korean flag

South Korea

Contract Type Fixed
All Options 0.2% of Trade Value
Minimum Per Order KRW 1,000.00

10 Contracts @ KRW 0.75 Premium (100,000 Multiplier) = KRW 1,500


  1. Asian Index Options are considered part of the Futures pricing scheme. Volumes are combined with the Futures and FOP trading volume for the tier break consideration. They will not be combined with the monthly volume of stock options when determining commissions. Clients wishing to receive the Tier commissions for European and Asian Index Options must select tiered pricing for Futures & FOPs through Client Portal.
  2. The cost for exercise/assignments of ASX options will be 0.275 per contract for stock options and 0.75 per contract for index options.
  3. For all exercise and assignments standard stock commissions apply plus Stock Exchange Options Clearing House (SEOCH) fee of HKD 2.00 per exercised stock option contracts.
  4. Tier II and III stock options as listed by HKEX.
  5. For first 100 lots. Portion of order above 100 lots will be charged at INR 5 per lot.
  6. The maximum per order for NRIs will be INR 150
  7. The cost of an exercise or assignment of the monthly Nikkei contract is 6 bps with a maximum of JPY 420 per contract regardless of commission model. The cost of an exercise or assignment of the weekly Nikkei contract is 130 JPY regardless of commission model.
  8. Introductory rate. This rate is subject to change.
  9. GST is only applied for Singapore resident clients.

  • IBKR's Tiered commission models are not intended to be a direct pass-through of exchange and third-party fees and rebates. Costs passed on to clients in IBKR’s Tiered commission schedule may be greater than the costs paid by IBKR to the relevant exchange, regulator, clearinghouse or third party. For example, IBKR may receive volume discounts that are not passed on to clients. Likewise, rebates passed on to clients by IBKR may be less than the rebates IBKR receives from the relevant market. For example, IBKR may receive enhanced rebate payments for exceeding volume thresholds on particular markets, but typically will not pass these enhancements directly to clients.
  • Commissions apply to all order types.
  • Commissions are not charged for exercise and assignment, except in Australia.
  • All exchange and regulatory fees included except for Hong Kong stock options.
  • Modified orders will be treated as the cancellation and replacement of an existing order with a new order. On certain exchanges, this may have the effect of subjecting modified orders to commission minimums as if they were new orders. For example, if an order for 200 contracts is submitted and 100 contracts execute, then you modify the order and another 100 contracts execute, a commission minimum would be applied to both 100 contract orders. Orders that persist overnight will be considered a new order for the purposes of determining order minimums.

* Lower investment costs will increase your overall return on investment, but lower costs do not guarantee that your investment will be profitable.